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It’s not culture appropriation. My hair would dread without brushing it, but while we’re on the subject…

Painting nails? Chinese culture.
Do you eat ramen? Asian culture.
Wear eyeliner? Egyptian culture.
Have a wedding band? Pagan culture.
Celebrate Christmas on December 25? Pagan…

Oh for fuck’s sake.

Stop trying to rationalize your shitty, horrible hygiene imitation Cheeto-headed terror-hair that you stole from Rasta culture. Everything else you’ve said is ACTUAL cultural exchange. You appropriating locs is not. Period. End of discussion

Appropriation aside, girl, lean in a bit closer: Your hair looks awful. Not because you’re white, no, but because it just straight out fucking looks terrible. I cannot believe how many mental hoops you’re jumping through to excuse that rat’s nest. Not that I excuse it but I have seen plenty of white folks with “dreadlocks” that actually looked kinda nice. Honest to god I cannot lie to you and say you count amongst their ranks. Not for miles.

Seriously. I’m reaching out here. Your hair is too fine and too bone straight to pull this off. It looks like you just don’t comb your hair and that shit is probably only holding itself together by a slurry of mold, natural sebum and dust/lint.

You are a very pretty girl with gorgeous eyes and it looks like something died on top of your head.

when people keep assuming only Rastafarians had dreads when there is endless proof of cavemen, Vikings, and a bunch of other people from across the world who had them for just as long

literally you are insulting somebody for their hair fuck off literally no one mutually exchanged cultures we all recycled different cultures into one melting pot and seriously no one can contain cultures from other people especially when your bigoted ass is out here trying to call out someone for something thousands of people had back then, not just one race.


Vikings did not have locs, they had plaits.

Cavemen did not have locs, they had matted hair.

You can do ahead and stop trying to compare matted, gross bullshit to locked afro textured hair, thank you very much.

You are not in any kind of pot with me and your little temper tantrum doesn’t stop the moldy rat’s nest on this poor girl’s head from being an appropriative piss poor, imitation of locs. Which you need Afro Textured hair for. Unless you coil your hair and get jata like in India, for which you need Asiatic textured hair.

Period. End of.


literally I can say what I want lmao and uh yeah they did matted hair is what knots and braids itself into dreads like I cannot even say how ridiculous everyone is being about this topic because it never belonged to one culture in the first place and its bothersome to see other people with locs shame others because of their race or how they choose to take care of them. you can’t even see the texture or the exact details of the persons hair anyway ON CAMERA so you all can say I’m one whining when y’all were the ones to even want to start shit in the first place smh grow up you’re not educating anybody you’re doing the exact opposite and spreading hate
which is definitely what having locs is not about
literally literally literally shut up literally whether you like it or not we’re the same species and you cannot go as far as to say someone is different from you just because you don’t like the way they live

it’s edit: not that hard to find articles on this

matted hair is what knots and braids itself into dreads”

I didnt get past this because I’m laughing too fucking hard.

Because this is definitely not what a Loc is. Our hair LOCKS. It is not matted. THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED A LOC, HAHAHA. If your hair is matted, thats it, its fucking matted. but your hair texture SIMPLY  CANNOT LOCK.


Game over.

Why would our hair be matted? We wash our locks and get them retwisted. Its kept clean and smells wonderful. 



do these muthafuckas even know any Black women. And y’all support these people that won’t even represent y’all. 

Was this an actual music video shown on TV??

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My lovely lunch : one pot pasta

  • spagehetti
  • cherry tomatoes
  • sliced black olives
  • quarter of an onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • spinach ripped up
  • pesto 2 teaspoons
  • fake meat mince
  • Added parmesan at the end.

I am so happy with this right now it’s def my favourite and takes under 30 min to make and eat ! 


A show of hands

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*drunk in love playing in the background*

Can I marry Laverne Cox? :cries:

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CrossFit Games individual female competitors, preparing for The Beach. #CrossFit #CrossFitGames


CrossFit Games individual female competitors, preparing for The Beach. #CrossFit #CrossFitGames


Can my dad let me live????????


Black Girls Killing It Shop BGKI NOW 


Black Girls Killing It Shop BGKI NOW 

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Can we push this further?