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I think my selfie problem is getting out of hand..

This deserves at least a thousand notes !!


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“Deep in Vogue” video featuring Willi Ninja, Aldonna Xtravaganza, and Adrian Xtravaganza, 1989 (music by Malcolm McLaren)

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this never gets old.

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lang-8.com is well known amongst intermediate/advanced language learners who are self-taught, but I thought I’d explain it for beginners. It is an amazingly useful site where you can blog or upload any text you’ve written in the language you’re learning. Many people use it as a diary, though I’ve seen people check essays and business emails there too.

Once the text is uploaded native speakers of the language will check it for you. You return the favour by checking pieces of work written in your native language and correcting them. In this way everyone gets their work marked by a native speaker (often more than one person contributes so you can get several opinions too).

It is massively helpful in improving all aspects of writing, but natural usage in particular (notoriously difficult for self learners to pick up when they are not in a native environment).

This has HOW MANY notes now? へぇぇぇぇ〜

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People who say “happy eid mubarak”… What kinda chai tea teas??